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The cursed pirate of the seas?? I can roll with it

the dark troll of the east

The Savage Mermaid of the Forest
they’d never see me coming in a forest

The Wicked Vampire of the Night

The Blue Elf of the East. lol so intimidating. 

The white worrier of the seas

The White Queen of the Night. Me likey

the blue giant of the east, sounds pretty cool tho

The wicked dwarf of the night… k.

The Blue Ogre of the Seas

mine sounds rather accurate though. pretty much goes all together. the blue serpent of the sea

the wicked assassin of the forest

The white guardian of the forest doesnt sound like a villain at all.
Sep 20th, 2014

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#Repost from @junglebarbiejulia FULL STORY. On the night of August 10 2013 I went to DC for my birthday to go to “Park Place”, an upscale restaurant. Upon my arrival at the entrance, at 11:30pm, before going to stand in the very long line I went to ask a patrolling officer where a nearby restroom was and before I could utter the words, I was met with an elbow and a right punch to my face. I was instantly knock out. My police report (which has changed numerous times this year) say I was arrest and processed at 1:50 am which is 2 hours that I was unaccounted for. I was left on the floor and when I woke up I was bleeding in multiple places with drag marks on my toes, my wrist were cut by the cuffs, the back of my head and arms were lumpy. The officers wouldn’t tell me why I was in jail and I overheard them saying what should we charge her with? We can’t say domestic, we don’t know who she is with. After pleading and begging to go to the hospital, I was met with more hostility before they finally let me go to the hospital the next days upon my release I had a rape kit done because I don’t know any thing that happened to me while knocked out and it came back positive for semen. They sent messages from my phone while I was detained. Internal Affairs came and confiscated my clothing (they never returned them) and they stole my rape kit. As of today I am facing charges for fighting a bouncer outside of the Lima Club, I was never there and its 5 minutes away from Park driving, also 5 officers that responded after I punched the manager to I was apparently Mike Tyson because when I woke up in jail I had the strength and gumption to fight some more officers in there. When the video was requested both clubs said they lost them. They follow me and stalk my home to this day, I have caught DC police trying to get in my home when they thought I had left, even the Baltimore cops help protect them, one in the rape department even asked me out on a date while my face was still battered. I have been trying to tell my story on IG only to find that police officers or this hired by then have been spamming my hashtag #justiceforjulia with blasphemous pictures. Please share her story.


This is the video from the stills posted!!!
Spread this around!!!
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everytime it gets close to October i start reblogging the fuck out of this
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"Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you."
— Mary Lou Retton (via life-of-attraction)

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that one person everyone loves and you’re just like




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Me: I wanna do something
Anxiety: No you dont
Me: But
Anxiety: No
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Was taking random pictures of my mother and this came out…pretty terrifying